iHealth Fulfillment offers end-to-end nutraceutical fulfillment services and supplement fulfillment. We also offer vitamin and cosmetic fulfillment for the health and beauty market. Our robust multi channel order processing and distribution platforms seamlessly integrate with tightly integrated sales channels, and are backed by expert call center services that deliver a quality experience to our customers. Our flexible order management platform provides superior distribution services for e-commerce products. We give our customers accurate and reliable delivery while you benefit from our stability, integrity and decades of fulfillment experience.

What IHealth Fulfillment Offers

  • Nutraceutical fulfillment services
  • Supplement fulfillment – vitamins, herbal and energy products
  • Cosmetic fulfillment – makeup, skin care products
  • Climate-controlled product storage
  • Customized fulfillment solutions
  • Warehousing, distribution, pick/pack and returns
  • Lot control, expiration date and serialization tracking
What makes IHealth Fulfillment unique? At IHealth, we utilize the services of a vast array of multi-channel independent marketing and advertising experts that deploy their services that bring consumer awareness to the products that we distribute and sell. The company markets and sells approximately 70 products in 54 markets direct to consumers, as well as through a network of independent distributors.


  • Public Relations Media Planning
  • Product Content Development and Distribution
  • Posting Product Content To Paid Social and Advertising Networks
  • Competitive Analysis & Research
  • Blogger & Affiliate Outreach Networking
  • Quality Product Content Created by Professional Copywriters
  • Video Creation and Viral Media Campaigns
  • E-commerce Analytics Traffic and Revenue Generation Experts
  • Deploy Highly Transparent Marketing— Following All FTC Truth In Advertising Guidelines In Brand Development Efforts
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