iHealth Fulfillment provides complete solutions for the health and beauty market. Our high quality, in-house brands are developed by leading specialists through years of research, using the purest natural ingredients and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. From formula inception to product distribution, our number one priority is the good health of our customers.


Through the combination of the most advanced production methods and extensive scientific research, Pharmaxa Labs is able to offer the consumer a superior product that is always aimed at helping to achieve optimal health. Our in-house team of nutritional and medical specialists ensures that we are producing formulas that work synergistically and effectively for maximum potency. It is our priority to stay abreast of all the latest medical and scientific developments because in doing so, we can continue to offer products that are of the utmost use and relevance to our customers. Our mission is to continue to create superior products that reflect our ambition and desire to fortify the health and well-being of our customers.


Since the very beginning, Solvaderm has been committed to addressing the various skin concerns of people all over the world. This led us to using only state-of-the-art manufacturing and research processes. Our goal is not to tell our customers what their skin should look like – our goal is to help them achieve their most ideal self according to their own desires and perceptions. Every one of our products is meticulously tested and improved upon. Even after production is complete, we continue testing to determine the most effective application methods before going to market. Our methods have earned us a place as an industry leader and pioneer in skin care treatments. When you use a Solvaderm product you can count on having an advanced formula that will improve the health of your skin.


For us here at Gentopia Labs, it is all about putting in the effort and taking the time to determine which blends of tested ingredients and components work best and produce the most optimal results. This has been our method of operation since our early days and it has never failed us. This commitment to improvement and research has allowed us to create some of the most powerful and reliable supplements on the market. Our top priority is always to help the customer achieve their health goals. That is why we use cutting-edge manufacturing methods and conduct advanced clinical research in order to produce the purest supplements. Gentopia Labs is proud to enhance the health and vitality of our valued customers and will continue to bring to market the most useful and effective supplements made to rigorous standards of quality.