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  • Privacy Policy We have a Privacy Policy intact that defines the permissible use of personal information that you share with us. It also serves to protect such information you may share with us at any time during any transaction. Read the copy here for more details.

Pricing and Billing

Additional Support

  • How do I contact you? For further request for information, kindly seek answers to your question using our Help Desk application. We may have already provided sufficient information that responds to your query. In case you do not find the answer you seek, email in your query via the Submit A Request form. Expect a member of our Customer Support Team to email you a response within 24 hours from the time of submission.

International Shipping

  • Do you ship to my country? You will find all the locations we currently serve from a dropdown menu on the Sign Up form. If your country is not included on the list, we are sorry to inform you that we have yet to serve your location.

General Questions

  • What are my payment choices? You will find available payment choices upon checkout. Please choose one payment mechanism from the menu. Note that we will not ship any unpaid items in your cart.
  • When will my order ship and
    what are my shipping charges?
    Upon checkout, the system automatically identifies available shipping options for your location. Once you are ready to pay items in your cart, available shipping methods will be listed on the checkout pages with the corresponding fees. Choose one method, click the payment button, and we will be ready to ship your purchases.
  • What is the return policy? Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Order Status

  • Has my order shipped? You will be able to know for sure if your order has been processed by clicking on the My Account/Order Status tab. Here, you will be able to track your order in real time.
  • How do I change quantities or
    cancel an item in my order?
    Open your My Account/Order Status tab to see your orders, to change quantity, or to cancel any paid item in your cart. Please take note that once your order is in transit, it may no longer be available for cancellation.
  • How do I track my order? Go to My Account/Order Status. The page will display tracking numbers once shipped. You may check with the courier to find out the status of your shipment.
  • My order never arrived Check the status of your order on the My Account/Order Status page. You may use the tracking number to validate the status of your order from your shipper. If your page indicates that the items have been delivered, please contact customer service for support.
  • An item is missing from my shipment Please check that the item has been paid for and processed by visiting your My Account/Order Status page. If the missing item is marked, “delivered,” please get in touch with the shipper or contact our customer support department for assistance.
  • When will my backorder arrive? There are times when our suppliers are unable to guarantee availability of an item that has been marked, “out of stock.” Under these circumstances, we are unable to ship your order immediately. Trust that we will process your order as soon as the item that you have paid for becomes available.
  • Can I place my order by phone? Yes, in this case, please call 888-675-0241 to place your order. One of our well-trained, friendly sales representatives will be able to guide you through the process of placing your orders. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to use the online ordering form on our website to guarantee better privacy and security of your transactions.
  • Problem placing an order on our website? There could be several reasons that create difficulty for you to place your order online. Sometimes, our site may be down for maintenance purposes. At other times, it may be due to poor or slow internet connection on your end. Please check your connection. It may also help you to refresh the order placement page or restart your device. You may also want to consider placing your orders using our phone order facility. Call 888-675-0241 to place your order with the help of a sales representative.
  • Did not receive your shipping notification or order confirmation? Our system automatically generates emails that serve as shipping notifications and order confirmations. In case you did not receive one or both emails, there could be a number of reasons for this. A number of our customers sometimes make the error of misspelling their email addresses, which could be true in your case as well. Click on the My Account page to validate your personal information. It will also be best for you to fill out our online form with details of your full name and order number so that we may confirm your order. Our Customer Support Department will respond to you via email with full details of your order and shipping information. In case you received one of these two emails only, please wait 24 hours to allow for any possible system delays before filling out the online form. Our cutoff time for processing orders is at 1 PM (EST). All orders that make it before the cutoff are shipped on the same day, whereas all orders placed after that are shipped the following business day.
  • Are you unable to track your shipment Sometimes, you may find that the tracking number that you received does not allow you to retrieve information about where your package may be and how far and long it has gone through the process. Kindly, try to check back in a few hours to give your shipper time to upload the tracking number onto their system. Kindly, take note that all shipments made via USPS do not enable you to track your package.

My Account

Domestic Shipping

  • When will my order ship? Once you have processed payment through our system, we process and ship your order immediately. Please take note of our daily order cutoff time: 1 PM (EST). All orders placed before the cutoff are processed on the same day while all orders that are confirmed after the cutoff will be processed on the next business day.
  • How do I estimate Next Day/2 Day delivery days? We only ship on business days so, please exclude holidays and weekends from your estimate. Shipper business days are Mondays thru Fridays.
  • Is there a cut off time for Next Day Air orders to be delivered the next day? Yes. Our daily cutoff time is 1 PM (EST).
  • Can I correct or change the delivery address of my order? Yes. Go to My Account/Order Status page to learn about the status of any outstanding order. If your order has not yet been processed, you may simply edit your account details using the online form provided. However, if your order is already in transit, a corresponding correction fee will be charged depending on your choice of shipper. For all USA Orders, all orders returned to iHealth Fulfillment will be charged an additional fee of $15 for all standard, 2-day shipping. For requests for overnight reshipment, an additional fee of $40 will be charged to your account. For all international orders, all returned shipment caused by supplying the wrong or incomplete address will be charged a reshipment fee of $40.
  • How are Military Orders (APO/FPO) shipped? All military orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail to indicated APO/FPO addresses. Based on the recent track record of USPS deliveries, expect your package to arrive anywhere between a week up to 8 weeks from the date of order placement. In case you receive your package in less than ideal condition, please report the incident to us within 24 hours from the time you received your items.