Acne Solution System


About the Acne Solution System

Solvaderm’s Acne Solution System is the perfect set of products for individuals with oily skin that is prone to acne and blemishes. By dissolving grease and bacteria, deep cleansing pores and spot-treating pimples, this potent system not only creates skin that is balanced, clear and evenly toned, but prevents further breakouts from occurring. While the Acne Solution System is designed to produce fast results, its gentle action ensures skin is never over-dry or tight, just beautifully soft and blemish-free.

The Acne Solution System consists of three Solvaderm products:

  • Rejuvoderm: A highly effective cleanser that removes dirt and bacteria without leaving the skin feeling dry, while gently exfoliating for a smoother surface texture and a brighter appearance.
  • Maxatone: A clarifying toner with a blend of gentle yet highly effective astringent extracts, Maxatone should be applied after cleansing to minimize pore size, remove impurities and regulate oil production.  
  • Zeroblem: Specifically designed to target acne and blemishes, this disinfecting formula heals the skin quickly, reducing redness and inflammation while promoting an optimal pH level.

With Every Order You'll Receive:

  • 1 Acne Solution System (3 Solvaderm products)
  • Our exclusive 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping for U.S. domestic orders
  • A low retail price of $123.98

Configuration: (1) Rejuvoderm, (1) Maxatone, (1) Zeroblem