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T-Hero is a natural supplement that is made for men who want to improve certain aspects of their sexual function. While there can be many reasons why men experience a decline in sexual performance, it can be extremely distressing and have a negative effect not only on their relationships but self-esteem too. As with many natural sexual support supplements, T-Hero is said to address multiple issues associated with sexual function and produce results. This product is made by the company “Essential Elements”, a manufacturer who produces several brands of supplements that are all sold from their website. Information for T-Hero is limited however – there is just a brief overview of how it works, a list of key ingredients and some customer reviews.

T-Hero is sold from its official website at a cost of $17.99 per bottle. Discounts are offered for larger quantities, also the manufacturer does have a subscription program which the customer can join and receive upto 30% off. Although no free samples of T-Hero are available, it has money back guarantee on all their supplements, but full details are not provided regarding terms and conditions.