Zenofem Pack of two


About the Zenofem

Zenofem is a supplement intended to help women achieve greater sexual pleasures. It might help women become more excited about sex and regain lost enthusiasm concerning making love with their partners. Zenofem may help restore your appetite for sex with regular intake. One bottle of Zenofem contains 90 capsules, sufficient to last you for a month. One bottle also comes with a vibrating, pulsating, pleasure ring and a surprise digital download.
More specifically, Zenofem has been formulated to deliver the following beneficial functions:
  • It may possibly intensify your appetite and cravings for sex.
  • It may help to restore optimal vaginal lubrication, heightening your sexual excitement and increasing sensations during sex.
  • It potentially magnifies the sensations that you feel during the sex act.
  • It may help you achieve more intense and powerful orgasms.

Starter Pack

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