Zenogel 1 Tube


About The Product

The Silver Package comes with one tube of Zenogel, plus gifts that include a vibrating, pleasure ring and a digital download. This package is priced at $69.94 which you get only for $29.95, giving you as much as $39.99 in savings.

Zenogel is a lubricant intended for the use of women who are having a harder time reaching orgasm and deriving pleasure out of sex because of chronic vaginal dryness. More specifically, Zenogel has been designed and formulated to deliver the following functions that benefit your sex life:

  • It may enhance vaginal lubrication, allowing you to derive more pleasure from sexual stimulation.
  • It may enhance the sexual satisfaction of your partner by keeping you wet during foreplay, all the way to orgasm.
  • It may help intensify the sensations you feel on your clitoris and vagina during lovemaking, helping you build up to a powerful orgasm.
  • It could bring instant improvement to the lubrication and sensitivity of your genitals right before you engage in sex.
  • It can increase blood flow to your genitals and make the nerve endings more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Configuration: (1) Zenogel, (1) Vibrating-Pulsating-Pleasure-Ring