Educate yourself on the most commonly found ingredients in fat burning supplements. 

Are you at crossroads on how to reduce BMI, arm and waist sizes? The marketplace is full of weight loss products, but it's all manufacturers that apply safe ingredients.

The remarkable effects of slimming pills vary with their formula. Usually, weight-reducing ingredients can help consumers suppress carbohydrate cravings and burn calories. Consumers can use Phenocal starter pack for effective weight shedding because the formula contains herbal extracts and essential vitamins.

How to Burn Fat Fast?

Obesity is a global health concern, and you can achieve weight loss in many ways. Physical exercises, suppression of food cravings, and supplements are common ways of achieving lean muscle mass. It's strategic to use a combination of fat-burning techniques and a weight scale to track your progress.

Also, consider a healthy lifestyle, and the consumer should consider superfood instead of unhealthy meals. However, it's important to consider safe and herbal supplements like Phenocal because they don't have adverse side effects.

Do Supplements Help with Weight Loss?

There are safe supplements that help with weight management. Many all-natural dietary formula help to shed water and extra fat from the body. However, for proper weight management, use the most effective weight loss product that contains safe ingredients.

Phenocal contains more than a dozen herbal extracts. The ingredient suppresses carbohydrate cravings, eases metabolism, and detoxification of toxins in colons.

What Vitamins & Ingredients Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Naturally, some vitamins weight loss supplements can trigger fat-burning hormones and boost your rate of metabolism. In the Phenocal formula, Bioperine offers bioavailability for other ingredients. This weight loss pill also includes Niacin, Vitamin D3, Black Pepper extract, L-Tyrosine, and Garcinia Cambogia[1].

Vitamin B2:

Riboflavin is another name for the B2 vitamin, and it exists in the mitochondria of our cells. The mitochondria is a cell area where energy production occurs. This essential vitamin aids metabolism and fat-burning; Phenocal contains vitamin B2.

Vitamin B12:

Hydroxocobalamin is a Vitamin B12 derivative that boosts energy. The B12 vitamin supports metabolism, weight loss, and increases satiety. This water-soluble vitamin is an essential ingredient in Phenocal pills.

Vitamins to Speed Up Your Metabolism. Shutterstock Images

Vitamin B1:

The consumption of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL) leads to fat-burning and healthy living. Vitamin B1 plays essential roles in cells' ATP synthesis and energy production. This Thiamine HCL vitamin can convert starch and sugar into energy and optimize body functions.

Vitamin B5:

Phenocal contains Calcium Pantothenate (vitamin B5) that reduces stress levels. This vitamin is rich in antioxidants; they neutralize toxins and unstable molecules. Vitamin B5[2] also makes carbohydrate breakdown and metabolism easy. It's one of the active ingredients in Phenocal that boosts athletic performance.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 in Phenocal is the same as Pyridoxine HCL. It's a water-soluble vitamin[3] that supports metabolism. The deficiency of vitamin B6 is common because the body doesn't store it in large concentrations. So, consuming Phenocal supplement can help to with the required daily intake of the B6 vitamin.

What is the Best Fat Burner?

There are different herbal products offering promises for body trimming and carbohydrate suppression. However, the best fat burner includes a proprietary blend of vitamins and ingredients. Unlike regular fat-burners, the Phenocal pill is a dietary supplement that controls food cravings, boost energy level, and offers hitch-free metabolism.

As the 'Total Body Balance System,' giving your body the desired shape. The formula is manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs[4] and helps to increase consumers' satiety while they burn fat. Consume three capsules twice daily; in the morning and before bedtime.

Which Components Make the Fat Burning Supplement Effective?

Unlike the regular over-the-counter fat burners, effective slimming pills. Chromium (Picolinate), Camellia sinensis, catechins, and EGCG are active compounds in the Phenocal pill. They combine with other ingredients to boost the thermic effects on food (TEF), and leave consumers with high levels of metabolism.


The 5-hydroxytryptophan compound is a naturally-occurring amino acid that controls appetite. Your serotonin (neurotransmitter) level increases by consuming the 5 HTP compound. More so, supplementation of the 5 HTP amino acid can trigger the process of weight loss. With the consumption of Phenocal pills, there's a reduction of carbohydrate and fat cravings.

Folic Acid

The body needs folic acid supplements, especially during childbearing and old age. Phenocal supplement contains folic acid and can support your required daily intake. This ingredient converts stored fats into energy and helps the body burn excess fat. Folic acid is also called folate, and you can energize body cells by consuming this acid.


Fucoxanthin is a pigment that plays an active role in metabolism. It breaks down starch and stores them as energy. This plant pigment that exists in algae and seaweeds is a staple Asian diet. Apart from weight loss, there are other health benefits from the consumption of fucoxanthin.

Cocoa Extract

The cocoa extract in Phenocal pills contains 10% theobromine. This ingredient helps consumers to boost thermogenesis and suppress appetite. In maintaining a healthy weight, the consumer needs energy, and mental alertness. So, this Cocoa extract in Phenocal's formula provides the basic polyphenols that shed weight.

Cocoa extract. Shutterstock Images


According to Phenocal's label, consumers may develop lean muscle mass when they follow the right dosage. Apart from slimming, Phenocal pills also cleanse colons from heavy metals, parasites, and toxins.

The formula also contains safe dietary fiber nutrients that are potent. Phenocal is the right product if you can't control your food cravings and uncomfortable with your shape. Click here to purchase the extreme value pack and enjoy the incredible all-natural combination of Phenocal pills.

Written by iHealthFulfillment Staff

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